About Nancy La Monica

Nancy La Monica, Ph.D Human Geography at McMaster University. Combined with her educational background in Sociology (B.A.) and Critical Disability Studies (M.A.), her passion for social inclusion and social justice, Nancy advocates on behalf of students who continue to face social, institutional, and economic barriers. Nancy shares in the belief that access to (higher) learning  shouldn’t be laborious work for disabled students.

In her doctoral research, she explored the lived experiences of non-visibly disabled graduate students as they negotiate academic and workplace accommodations in places of academia. In their dual roles of academic student and academic worker, Nancy’s aim is to better understand non-visibly disabled graduate students’ everyday embodied experience of academia as both a place of academic learning and of paid work.

Specifically, she demonstrated how institutional policies and practices shape disabled students’ experiences of negotiating accommodations in academia. An integral part of this work includes exploring the emotion work and emotional labour that disabled students do as they continue to contend with process of disablement in the academy. She explored, for instance, how these students are put through by the bureaucratic and administrative systems of power in institutions of higher education. This work is crucially important to the success of (non)visibly disabled graduates — an area that has received very little attention. This research was supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, 2012-2014 [752-2012-2030].

Currently she teaches part-time at Seneca College, and works as a consultant and senior researcher for NEADS [National Education Association for Disabled Students].

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Nancy La Monica, Ph.D
Human Geography


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